About the helpdesk

“Elogbooks staff have a friendly and helpful manner.”

“Positive. Polite. Professional.”

“Very polite, Very knowledgeable, very helpful.”

“Good, helpful and quick to respond.”

“Very helpful, excellent service.”

“Extremely helpful, friendly and professional.”

“Quick & efficient.”

“The response is very good and it helps to know that if a job is logged it is monitored and logged for Auditing purposes.”

“Thorough and efficient.”

“Helpdesk support and chasing of service providers is a huge help to my day to day workload.”

“Superb customer service, warm, friendly and efficient.”

About the system

“Elogbooks leaves a very good audit trail and has all the information I need.”

“Seeing the audit trail of all jobs so useful.”

“Information gathered by elogbooks is useful and helpful from day one.”

“The performance data it gives on contractors is invaluable.”

“A Huge Differentiator.”

“Operative friendly and easy to communicate with.”

“I have experienced a huge reduction in the amount of time I have to spend chasing completion of reactive works.”

“Elogbooks makes it easy to stay on top of things as it takes out the worry of chasing contractors.”

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