4D monitoring offers a cost effective solution for monitoring your building environment and mechanical plant performance.

What is 4D Monitoring?

4D Monitoring Ltd is a UK manufacturer of remote monitoring equipment. In Partnership with Elogbooks FM they have produced a monitoring solution that will retrofit to older building stock.

Elogbooks 4D solution will train your contractors free of charge in the installation, operation and interpretation of the data from the system.

With this information in partnership with managing agent and tennant, the operational set points and energy consumption can be honed for each site where 4D is installed.

4D guarantee the cost of installation of the equipment is recovered within the first year, which makes the decision to install 4D simple.


  1. Immediate Energy Savings
  2. 24/7 visibility of plant operation
  3. Reduced Planned Maintenance costs
  4. Immediate notification of plant non-performance
  5. Better contractor client relationship
  6. Remote control of the plant
  7. Cloud solution
  8. Non intrusive installation

Mark Parmenter4D Monitoring from Elogbooks